Megatherm deals in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment and possesses the strength to meet Thermal Challenges through Induction.

Secondary Steel Conclave 2023

28th April Hotel Hyatt Regency, WB

Megatherm, a leading manufacturer of induction furnaces, participated in the Secondary Steel Conclave 2023 held at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, West Bengal on 28th April. The event was attended by several prominent players in the secondary steel industry, and Megatherm’s presence was highly anticipated. During the conclave, Mr. Sumit Ray, Sr Manager from Megatherm, gave a talk on Improving Efficiency of Steel Making via the Induction Furnace Route. The talk was well-received, and the audience. Megatherm’s participation in the conclave highlights the company’s commitment to improving the efficiency and sustainability of steel production in India.


India had produced about 120 Million Tonnes of Steel in F/Y2022, in which contribution of Secondary Sector is about 38%. This Sector has lot of advantages, particularly in Indian conditions and hence has to grow at a rapid pace in future.

This steel sector has enormous potential but it needs support in terms of technology advancement, cost reduction &penetration of new technologies in the Sector. The Seminar will provide a suitable platform for discussions and presentations on relevant topics.


Energy Efficiency Policies for industries
Energy Efficiency in industry and Data
Techno-commercial aspects of using Iron ore and Pellets in Sponge Iron making
Techno-commercial aspects of using imported and domestic coal in Sponge Iron making
Best Operating Practices in coal based Sponge iron making & cost reduction opportunities
Future of Hydrogen based DRI in Indian conditions
Latest technological developments in Induction Furnaces for steel making
Techno-commercial aspects in Induction Furnaces for overall cost reduction
Minimizing electrical power consumption in Induction Furnaces for steel making
Role of Ramming Mass for maximum life and cost implications
Optimizing Reheating Furnace operation for overall cost reduction
Techno-commercial aspects of Direct Rolling
Setting up of Mini integrated steel plants suitable in Indian conditions
Worldwide Best practices in the secondary steel sector