Megatherm deals in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment and possesses the strength to meet Thermal Challenges through Induction.

Scrap Processing Machines

Shearing improves yield by 2% – 3% and productivity by 4% due to improved load factor and reduced jamming at the mouth. Shredding improves productivity by 6%+. It means lower energy consumption and higher productivity

Example: Jalna

Megatherm has tied up with Bon Figlioli Italy and Chinese companies (for smaller capacity) to provide scrap processing solutions suited to your requirement. After-sales support provided by Bon Figlioli trained engineers

More than 80 pieces of equipment are running in India & abroad.

Baling PressIndia6 tph
Baling Press (with grabber & cab)Italy10 tph
Horizontal ShearChinaHS110 (10tph, 600T force)
Horizontal ShearChinaHS165 (15tph, 800T force)
Vertical ShearItalySqualo 1500 (18 – 20 tph, 1100T force)
Vertical ShearItalySqualo 2000 (25 tph, 1350T force)
Shredding Plant (with non-ferrous separator)ItalyDrake 10 (10 – 13 tph)
Shredding Plant (with non-ferrous separator)ItalyDrake 12 (15 – 18 tph)