Megatherm deals in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment and possesses the strength to meet Thermal Challenges through Induction.

Power & Distribution Transformer

Megatherm manufactures a wide range of Power & Distribution transformers to cater to various load requirement of customers. We are offering 500 kVA to 5 MVA transformers to cater to the industrial auxiliary load requirement as well as domestic use. For Power distribution networks Megatherm manufactures upto 30 MVA transformers with various voltage levels up to 132 kV class. PLC-based critical parameters monitoring, preventive alarms and remote access are also available.

Product Range

  • 500 kVA to 5 MVA having input voltage from 400 volts to 33 kV range. Output voltage as per customer requirement
  • 3 MVA to 30 MVA having input voltage from 33 kV to 132 kV range. Output voltage as per customer requirement.

Megatherm Transformer Users

Since 2007 Megatherm has supplied 750+ transformers to customers like BHEL, SAIL, CLW, WBSEDCL, OPTCL, Tata Motors, Jindal Steel, L&T, Prakash Industries, Sarda Energy, Rashmi Metalics and many more

Advantages of Megatherm Transformers

  • Proven reliability and lowest failure rate in the industry
  • Use of latest technologies and future-proof designs
  • Stringent quality norms from procurement to production
  • PLC-based status monitoring of various features like Oil temp, winding temp, Buchholz relay, etc.
  • Megatherm’s wide service network and lightning-fast response for any post-sales issues