Megatherm deals in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment and possesses the strength to meet Thermal Challenges through Induction.

Billet Heater

A forging press, it should be explained, squeezes the hot metal rendered plastic by heating to fill every part of the die, and where it is necessary to deliver a succession of blows when using a drop hammer, one squeeze at each press die station is all that is needed.

For this reason, the output of a forging press is considerably greater. A Forge shop produces repetitive components at high speed in large quantities at relatively low cost. One of the processes which has made a major contribution to the efficiency of the forging Industry in the field of mass production is that of induction heating.


Induction billet heaters with its own handling gear ranging in output size between 500kg / hour to 10Tons / hour are fitted with each forging press. Billets at the correct forging temperature are automatically discharged from the induction heaters adjacent to each forging press direct to the press operators. Sometimes, pick and place robots are also used to feed the forging press.

The advantages of this method, over traditional fuel fired furnaces include:

  • High quality products
  • Quicker heating to forging temperature.
  • Reduction in scale formation‐ ensuring longer die life.
  • Reduction in overall operating costs.
  • Improved working conditions
  • Compact layout saving overall floor space

It’s no surprise that forgings routinely outperform castings in a host of applications. High structural integrity, grain flow optimization, maximum strength, improved toughness, longer life are just a few main reasons why.

The Megatherm Induction Billet heaters are available in different designs to match the forging press The supplementary equipment for billet feed, removal and transfer is custom designed to suit this heating technology. Megatherm can offer advanced solutions based on PLC automation and robotics.

Power: 50KW – 4000KW

Frequency: 200 Hz – 10 KHz

Billet Sections: upto 200 RCS

Advantages of Megatherm Billet Heater:

  • Automatic power control as per billet temperature. This ensures constant billet exit temperature
  • Modular power supply ensures optimal energy consumption and minimal rejection
  • Highest coil efficiency ensured by special design skid tubes and low thickness refractories
  • Scale losses reduction by utilizing nitrogen purging
  • Heavy duty system for minimal after sales requirements
  • Drive system components like motors, gearboxes, sprockets & chains are selected with highest factor of safety resulting in the most robust equipment
  • PLC based preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics and remote servicing
  • Compact layout saving overall floor space